The rough history of Mr. Hal Canode, is that Hal began racing in the Gasser Willis days.

He began to repair friends chassis on the side while he ran this first race car beginning in 1963.
Along with his partners, Nelson Stoltz and Ray Velasquez, he ran this B-Gas 283ci. Chevy.
Chassis repair became a small side business that grew from the success of Hal's racing.
He continued repairing chassis on an increasingly larger scale for friends in the area.
His first full race vehicle, built from scratch in his own shop, was a AA/DA car
that won multiple national events in both NHRA and IHRA competition.

With Hal at the wheel of that car, the car became a stable winning blown alcohol car.
With this same car, Hal tore up tracks and racked up the wins in sanctioned events and match races.

While building chassis in the area, he had the opportunity to deal with future well known chassis builders.
One of Hal's first chassis was sold to a man that we have all heard of in the chassis building scene.
That is right.  One of Hal's first customers was Murf McKinney.